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  • Dipshit Family Members Suck

    Dipshit Family Members Suck

    About a month ago I received a Facebook friend request from someone I wasn’t really expecting: my uncle, who is like 60-something years old. It apparently took him until 2020 to get on the Facebook bandwagon, and I don’t know how anyone in this situation wouldn’t feel mildly worried. Some background on him: he’s a…

  • Stupidity Sucks (and What it Feels Like to Be Stupid)

    Stupidity Sucks (and What it Feels Like to Be Stupid)

    “Stupid: slow of mind; given to unintelligent decisions or acts, acting in an unintelligent or careless manner; lacking intelligence or reason” -The Damn Dictionary (Merriam-Webster if you’re being appropriate) This article right here sums up a fascinating phenomena: most people think they’re above average. Most people think they’re good drivers. Most people think they’re smarter…

  • Coworkers Suck: the Ignorant Know-it-All

    Coworkers Suck: the Ignorant Know-it-All

    We all know that one person at work…