Everything Sucks. You know it, I know it, and everyone you know knows it. Life is a big, steaming pile of shit where a bunch of bad things in life are punctuated by singular decent things that makes the bad things not quite as shitty. But the shittiness still prevails in a dominant background fashion; anything good seems to exist in spite of all the Suckiness in life. This blog is a place where you can read all about that crap.

As dark and as pessimistic as that sounds, it’s almost uplifting in a way. The good in life cannot exist without the bad, and the bad in life cannot exist without the good. You need something to weigh your experiences against! If your life is “all good,” nothing will seem good; everything will seem average. And if you’re a homeless bum who knows no luxuries, well, then finding a decent, unrotted meal in the trash will seem like a gift from God. It’s all a matter of perspective. By noticing all the Suckiness in life, you’re more likely to see the beauty and the wonder — and the contrariness of life — in an interesting an enlightening fashion.


If you’ve read any Eastern religious or philosophical works, you might notice that all of that seems very Taoist and/or Zen…and it is. Taoism basically says that states cannot exist without their opposites — think of the ying and yang — light and dark are complementary and connected and cannot exist without their enemies. There are many other examples besides light and dark. So by pointing out all of the shitty and contrarian aspects of our lives and our society, I hope to point you in the direction of logic and reason, and maybe happiness. By bitching and whining about our current society, I hope that my readers will see the obvious way forward, or pick up on my sarcasm, and that this may benefit their lives in a positive way.

And a bunch of these posts are simply to make you laugh or to think and that I have no grand plan or idea for them. Like I hinted at, life is full of all sorts of random and stupid occurrences which make great topics for a blog called Everything Sucks, and you can’t expect that I ignore these minor nuisances about life to make “deep” posts! Above all else, this blog is meant to be sort of informative, interesting, and perhaps enlightening, although I probably shouldn’t promise it does any of that. Maybe it will make more sense if you read some posts. I hope you enjoy this mess that is Everything Sucks!

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