I’ve been tossing the idea for a blog around in my head for a few months now. This idea that Everything Sucks. Because it sort of does. I mean some things are awesome but they always have something shitty to them that negates the awesomeness, like a beautiful sunny day that is just a bit too windy to properly throw a Frisbee, or a day that is perfect to barbecue on temperature wise, but it’s also cloudy, grey, and depressing. Shittiness is invariably linked into our daily lives.

My inner monologue always goes on in this way as well, make topics much more easier to write about. “It’s fucking cold out. It’s ironic that I work outside year round and have been here for 11 years. I also live in Illinois. Winter sure sucks…” Or “I can’t wait to enjoy my day off work and go somewhere. Oh. I forgot people fucking suck at driving and it makes me want to murder someone. Hmm.” Or “Running sucks. Why am I doing this voluntarily? I could be at home doing nothing.” (But then I get home and realize I’m bored.) My last blog even contained a few posts that hinted at this inner tendency to view things in a pessimistic way, how ironic life is, and how interesting it is to examine the (false) dichotomy between the Awesome and the Sucky.

The good always comes with the bad and the bad always comes with the good. It’s all a very Taoist and Zen way of looking at the world, and I suppose it’s wormed it’s way into my worldview. If you watch terrible movies all the time, the first mediocre one you see will blow your mind. If you drive shitty cars all the time, an average one will seem amazing. You can’t know you’ve had a wonderful day until you’ve had a bunch of shitty days. It’s all connected in a screwed up and cruel sort of way. And that’s the beauty of it!

So Everything Sucking isn’t really a depressing and crummy topic or idea (cept it is); it’s almost a sort of celebration towards the things that don’t suck quite as much. It’s an acknowledgment of how twisted, distorted, and imperfect life really is. It’s realizing that people in Hallmark movies still have to take a shit, and how Olympic athletes still (probably) trip over their cats and dogs like everyone else does. Everything Sucks and it Sucks for everyone. There is no universal Awesome and there is no universal Shitty. And this is what makes life pretty awesome.