Society Sucks

Canceling Amazon Prime!

I canceled Amazon Prime and here’s why!


Amazon’s Wheel of Time Sucks

Why Amazon’s The Wheel of Time kinda sucks

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The Hustle Sucks

God, how I hate the word ‘hustle’ and it’s cousin ‘side hustle.’ All side hustle seems to refer to is your shitty side ‘job’ where you rake in pennies on your own terms. I’m thinking DoorDash here because I’ve been seeing their ads on YouTube for quite awhile now. It’s such a shitty ad and […]

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An Associates Degree Is Useless

High school diploma or a Bachelor’s degree? There is nothing for us lowly associate degree holders…

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Double-Shifting (and Boredom) Sucks

Working extra hours during the Holiday season at UPS means I need to figure out how to pass hours of time doing almost nothing.