Amazon’s Wheel of Time Sucks

I just finished watching the final episode of the first (and only so far) season of Amazon’s Wheel of Time adaptation. I’m pretty upset by it! It was…well let’s start from the beginning.

By the end of the first two episodes I didn’t have much of an opinion on it. I wanted it to be good — I’m halfway through the 14-book series and love it — but the only word I could use to describe the first few episodes was, “Okay…” That’s it. Not good, not bad, just okay. Serviceable. The old-school Wheel of Time fans might not like it, but maybe the less picky fans wouldn’t be too upset. Maybe people who haven’t read the books would enjoy it and maybe they’d go on to read the series. My hopes were high; maybe a bit too high.

But it’s different than the book! They changed too much!

Let’s get this out of the way because I don’t think it’s ever a valid complaint. Movie/show adaptations are not books. You cannot take a book and put it perfectly into a different format. That’s not how books work and it’s not how films work either. It’s like trying to turn a painting into a song; sure you can get the general vibe of it, which a good adaptation does, but you can never capture the original in its entirety. Things inevitably change between books and films, and no one should use that as a serious reason to complain. They’re simply different formats and bitching about a movie/series not being 100% accurate to the source material is missing the point.


The Wheel of Time changed too much, and many times I don’t even get why. Some changes have nothing to do with pacing (probably the biggest reason things are cut in a film adaptation) and I’m left wondering why.

The best example and biggest gripe I have is about our main concern in the series: the Dragon Reborn. Prophecy and all of that shit says this person will be the Dragon reincarnated and save/destroy the world. In the books it’s a guy. He must be a guy because it’s how Robert Jordan’s magic system works in his series. Men can only use the ‘male half’ of the One Power, called saidin, while women use the female half, called saidar. Since saidin is tainted by the Evil Guy, and the dragon reborn is destined to go mad, he must be a male. It’s just how it works in the books.

The series shits all over this for some reason by allowing the Dragon Reborn to be either a male or a female. Hell, they even say that the Dragon Reborn could be multiple people! ‘Scuse me, what? While change isn’t necessarily bad when adapting to a different format, this commits several sins. Mostly: why? Why is this change necessary? There is nothing wrong with keeping to the books here and the only explanation I can see is to bUiLd DrAmA! We don’t know who or how many Dragon Reborns there could be! At the end of the season the series does get back in line with books with the Dragon Reborn being the guy he’s supposed to be, but everything before that, all of the unknowns with the guy/gal, are total fluff and pointless.

That is one of many example, probably the most egregious, and the others have decent explanations to them if you’re generous enough. Someone on Reddit said something like this: “Just follow the book. Cut what you need to make the show work, tweak a few things if you have to, but change as little as possible and just keep with the book!” It shouldn’t be a hard thing to do.

The Pacing

The pacing is fucking breakneck in the series. The first season covers the first book, The Eye of the World, a book that is ~700 pages long. Whatever, it’s doable, but the first season is only eight episodes! Word is the season was supposed to be longer but was cut back to it’s current length. You can guess already that such a detailed book being compressed into eight episodes is going to cause pacing issues.

The first episode fucking blew through 25% of the book. The seires skipped right over the growing sense of dread that the book nicely sets up, the sense that something isn’t quite right with the world and your small-town idyllic life is about to get totally fucked up. In the first episode, bam, it gets right to it. Trollocs (big monster guys show up) attack a tiny village and a magical woman named Moiraine shows up and is like, “Shit, one of you is the Dragon Reborn! Let’s gtfo of here!” About thirty minutes later they are literally thousands of miles away from home without much to say about the in-between adventuring. Like you’d think the forces of the Dark One would give these people some trouble — and they do in the book, adding to the sense of impending dread — but all of this is absent in the adaptation.

Look, big adventures like what happens in The Eye of the World are supposed to feel big. There is no sense of scale to how far they’ve traveled or how much shit they went through. On the TV it feels like they’ve only casually walked about 80 miles from home and didn’t just travel for months halfway across a continent with people constantly trying to kill them.

The series doesn’t let the source material breathe. Jordan’s worldbuilding is fantastic and condensing everything down to only eight episodes doesn’t do the material justice. It’s non-stop action because it must be paced that way to get through the book in such a short time.

The Plot

It’s been awhile since I read the book but I was struggling to follow along with what was happening. What was anyone’s motivation for doing anything? It all seemed so clear in the book and something was lost in translation. I don’t know why anyone was doing anything in the show.

My best example is when Moriaine (aka Magical Woman) hears about a dream from her friend/lover/boss about the titular Eye of the World. In thirty seconds she goes from ignorant about the Eye to saying, “Oh shit. That’s how we save the world! We’re leaving tomorrow!” No research, no cautious plotting or thinking it over. Someone not related to the direct plot has a dream and sends everyone off on a big adventure to save the world. Like I said, I don’t remember how it went down in the book, but I sure wasn’t thinking, “Hey, this doesn’t make much sense and seems kind of spur of the moment and rash.”

Why is everyone meeting at Tar Valon? Why does Mat grab the cursed dagger? Why does he turn into a total evil asshole? Why are the dudes in white so goddamn evil? Who is the dude in the suit? Like I know their motivations from reading the book, but if you haven’t read the book I’d imagine you’d spend a good deal of your time watching the series wondering what the actual fuck is going on. It just isn’t set up and explained well at all.

The Seriousness

“What’s ‘taters,’ precious? What’s taters?”

“Po-tay-toes. Boil ‘em, mash ‘em, stick ‘em in a stew? […] Even you couldn’t say no to that.”

“Oh yes we could!”

That little one-minute scene in The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers gives more characterization to Smeagol/Gollum and Samwise than anything in the first season of The Wheel of Time. It’s humorous. It’s lighthearted. Even in the midst of their Big Adventure, Sam, when Scary Shit is trying to kill them, finds time to rag on Gollum for his ignorance of potatoes. Sam isn’t even being as mean as he usually is; like maybe even Sam has a tiny part of him that is fond of Gollum!

This is a complaint with nearly everything overtly serious but I really noticed it while watching The Wheel of Time. Everything is too serious. Like you know before any major battle or after a big, serious speech, people would be like, “Dude, we’re fucking fucked! Like, shit, this is a bad situation! We’re all gonna die.” Don’t people use humor to deal with really shitty situations? You’d think these people possibly being the Dragon Fucking Reborn would find the universe slightly cruel at least in a hilarious way, at the very least as a coping mechanism. Mat Cauthon in the books, is a hilarious dude. He’s cusses a lot, get’s shit on by the women for being so vulgar, and doesn’t seem to give a shit about anything. It’s hilarious how much he doesn’t give a shit about saving the world or being important. He routinely jokes about how shitty their situations are, and obviously this is absent in the series. Mat is just cold and brooding. Everyone is cold and brooding. No one smiles or jokes or laughs or is casual. The entirety of the eight episodes is Seriousness™. We have to save the world! We might be the Dragon Reborn! Nothing to laugh about at all here!

The Season Finale

Ya know, things were looking up for awhile there. The first episode sucked, but the series became better with each passing one. The ones in the middle we’re fantastic. You got some lore, and the show finally slowed down and showed you some of the character’s humanity. You understood their personalities a bit more, and discovered some of their motivations for doing the things they do. I’d say up until the last episode I was getting pretty hyped for the series as a whole.

Then the last episode happened and shit all over my positive and hopeful feelings for the series. It just…it kinda sucked to be honest. There was some Big Battle that I don’t think even happened in the book (but there has to be a Big Battle in a finale!), and the main characters didn’t do anything they did in the book. They all stayed back in the city and fought the Big Battle while Rand and Moiraine dicked off to the titular Eye of the World for reasons. That’s not how any of the people in the book would act – Rand is one of their best buds and they’re not going to let him go commit suicide without trying to stop him – but that’s what they do in the show. Why? Why, why, oh why?!

The finale has it all! Cringy magic scenes, awful pre-battle speeches that are way too serious, action scenes that don’t make much sense, a Big Battle for the sake of having a Big Battle, characters that aren’t faithful to the book doing shit that they wouldn’t do, DRAMA for the sake of DRAMA, and so on. It’s just…urgh. It’s frustrating.

I want the series to be good, I hope it gets better, but damn is it depressing to see a series you recently gotten into be shit all over on TV. Amazon, please, please for the love of The Light, do better going forward.

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12 responses to “Amazon’s Wheel of Time Sucks”

  1. Em Avatar

    I am SO happy to hear this. I love Rosamund Pike as an actress, but the previews looked disastrous to me 😀

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    1. TheBlackhairedGuy Avatar

      No complaints about her as Moiraine, she’s great and is probably my favorite on the show, but with everything else going on she can’t single-handedly make the show good. Maybe the next season will be better?

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    2. Johnnie Avatar

      It was so bad I couldn’t watch it. Rafe or whoever ruined it. I’m a nobody and am 100% positive that I could have made a better adaptation. I mean Jordans description of people and places goes as far as to count the buttons on a coat. Terrible man I was so upset this is one of my favorite series of books massacred.

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  2. ceponatia Avatar

    I haven’t read any of the books but a girl I’ve been friends with for a long time has always been a fanatic and was very excited about the series coming. I told her to temper her expectations and, alas, she feels the same way you do. I imagine it’s the same way I felt about The Witcher. Everyone who watched it and didn’t read the books loved it but everyone who read the books hates it.

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    1. TheBlackhairedGuy Avatar

      I still want to eventually check out The Witcher, especially because I haven’t read the books. Hell, I haven’t even finished any of the games. While I might have zero clue what’s going on (I think one of your posts said something about the series not making sense without knowledge of it beforehand) but at least I’m not coming from the book-side of the story.


  3.  Avatar

    Am on the last part of the 4th book The Shadow Rising. As far as I’m concerned: The producers, directors, & writers effectively did what the dark one could not, they killed the dragon reborn. All praise Amazon the New Dark one has arisen!

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    1. TheBlackhairedGuy Avatar

      Who would’ve thought that Jeff Bezos was a Forsaken this entire time?


  4. Mister_Kage Avatar

    I have read the WoT and even listen to the audio book way more than 20 times and I can honestly say the tv series was crap. I could care less what R. Pike did in her life if she is a great or horrid actress. However I really do have an issue with her playing a female who is mentioned in the books over and over again about 5’3. It’s like someone coming up to you mentioning they would like cake with their ice cream about 40 times and by the time they are served they get no cake. There must have been a serious reason why Jordan stated over and over again about this issue. I am also so upset with how short these seasons are for such a long series of books. Are they now days just taking up on themselves to screw over great novels or what. First is was the shit of a show GoT and now WoT what is wrong with these people. Stop adding your opinions to shit and just follow as much of the story because these stories are really not for the people who wanted drama they are for the fantasy readers and there are plenty of them. Leave shit that is not broken alone or don’t mess with it. WoT series took the innocence of all the characters in this show. The characters are way too damn mature to even have fun with the show.


  5. Big-Fan-of WOT-series….NOT!!!!! Avatar
    Big-Fan-of WOT-series….NOT!!!!!

    This is the worst screen adaptation of a novel, and yes WOT is one long novel broken into 14 volumes, that has ever been produced. Congratulations to the worthless, incompetent show runner! I have read the WOT multiple times and I know it would be impossible to faithfully reproduce it as a TV series. However, it should be rather easy to stay faithful to the author’s characterizations and main plot lines. This piece of crap (G rated version of my rating) doesn’t fail in this – it made no attempt go be true to either.

    I propose a solution to the current energy crisis. Find some say to harness the energy of Robert Jordan rolling over in his grave. Wd could probably replace fossil fuels!


  6.  Avatar

    I’ve read through the entire series at least 4 times, love it, celebrated, laughed and even cried. All I felt from this horrible cluster f*ck was anger and frustration. How could they RUIN WoT … yet right after release a perfect adaptation of Jack Reacher, just goes to show you that the production crew is incredibly important, while Reacher is one book at a time and much easier to do 8 shows based on one book they could have easily don’t this with WoT … yet they failed horribly and I hope they fire everyone, scrap it, destroy the copies and move on. I will not be watching again, hell it was so bad and one actor was so horrible he just walked away from it.


  7. Kimberly Avatar

    I agree wholeheartedly with your review!

    I’m a long term, hard core fan of the books. I’ve read the entire series of books probably about 4 times. It blew my mind that they couldn’t find enough material in the 14,000 pages of source material so they felt that they just had to make up a completely new story. Basically all they kept were some names and changed everything else. Even adding new characters!

    My biggest gripe is they didn’t manage to capture any of the essence of the books. They changed shit just for the sake of changing shit. If they wanted some drama, why didn’t they include the exchange between Rand and his father that called into question that Tam was actually his father?

    I only made it through 4 episodes before I was too angry and disgusted with it to continue. My husband hasn’t ever read the books and he kept falling asleep. He couldn’t understand anything that was going on and he said that LOTR had more character development in 20 minutes than WOT had in the 4 episodes we watched.

    Such a disappointment. I had really hoped that it wouldn’t completely suck, but it just does. Not everyone can be Peter Jackson, I guess.

    I’ve also read all the Witcher books and my husband played the video games. I liked the first two seasons and thought they did a decent job of capturing the gist of things. I’m sad to hear that Henry Cavill is leaving… I suspect because they’re trying to depart from the source material so much. Oh well, hopefully season 3 is decent.


  8.  Avatar

    This is pretty good review and honestly I feel the same way about the series.

    I`ve read WoT as a teenager, this is my favorite Fantasy. When I heard that Amazon is filming the books, I`ve decided to read them again and once I finished with all, I watched the first season.
    Regarding the review , I just have 2 points to make :
    1)In the plot part, you say that Magical Woman does not know about the Eye of the world. In the books , she is familiar with it as she visited it. There is a rule that a person can go there only once in their lifetime, so when in the books the take the whole gang there, she is well aware that she is not getting out alive.
    2) In the book finale there is a battle going on , just like in the season finale. The big difference is that the whole gang is together with the dragon reborn in the eye of the world.
    While in the eye of the world, the gang is attacked by two of the forsaken, who destroy the keeper of the eye of the world , who takes down one of them with him. The other one attacks the dragon reborn. During this fight is when the Dragon actually discovers that he can channel and thanks to channeling he wins the mentioned battle for the light.

    This ending was actually really cool in my opinion , because it gave you drama, when you were not expecting it , there were a bunch of plot twists and also it presented the “OK, what`s next” moment that every book/season finale should have


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