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  • 2021 Book Party

    2021 Book Party

    I love my data. I love my spreadsheets. I love tracking my personal progress and making pretty charts out of them. I used to graph my weight weekly. I used to run every day and logged that in a spreadsheet. I still log how much money/debt I have on a weekly basis. It’s fun, it…

  • 2021 In Closing

    2021 In Closing

    A quick little recap of 2021.

  • Thanksgiving 2021

    Thanksgiving Depression hits differently than Standard Depression.

  • Sober January? Sober 2021?

    Sober January? Sober 2021?

    Well let’s give this a try again: sobriety. Despite the wonderful success of Sober September I took up drinking again in October and I’ve drank every day since. Part of this was justified (in the grasping-for-straws way us alcoholics are exceedingly good at); as a UPS worker dealing with the holidays I did whatever I…

  • 2020 Sucked: A Year of Personal Growth

    2020 Sucked: A Year of Personal Growth

    In the last post I wrote about how shitty 2020 was from a general perspective, something that everyone could kinda agree with. COVID. Wildfires. A few other awful things. But no one’s life consists only of those things, and unless you sit around on social media way too much you might not even be aware…