The Covid Booster Sucks

My motivation to do anything is usually pretty poor. If I ranked it on a 0-10 scale, usually I’m hovering around a 3-4/10. This depends on how sunny/warm the day is and how much caffeine I’ve had. Rarely, if a good mood aligns with a sunny/warm/heavily-caffeinated day I can have a motivation level as high as 7/10, but 3/10 is standard.

Today it is at 0/10. Zero. None. N/A. Try again later! Maybe it isn’t that low seeing as I’m actually writing something, but you could maybe thank this Reign Energy with its 300 mg of caffeine for kicking me up to a 1/10.

(I’m more of a Bang Energy guy myself, mostly because everyone at work are Bang Guys. It’s just what we drink! Anytime someone shows up with a Reign it’s usually followed by an explanation that goes something like this: “Well, I went to the gas station on [street] and that place sucks — they don’t sell Bangs — so I had to go with Reign. *shrug*” Despite it being the same damn thing as Bang — 10 calories, 300 mg of caffeine — in my mind it’s always the shitty generic version. It even sounds like a shitty knockoff of Bang. The marketing team thought, “Bang. Rang? Rain? Reign!”)

As the title implies I got my Covid booster yesterday. Why? My wife made me do it. Not really, but her incessant nagging over the past two weeks did get my ass into gear. Logically, yes, it makes sense for me to get it. I got the Shitty Johnson and Johnson vaccine in April so am more than due for a booster. With all the new people at work, with it being winter, and with all the Covid variants running rampant a booster is a no brainer. I know all of this but it was my wife’s nagging that actually forced me to get the booster. Whatever works I guess.

She’s a great nagger when it comes to my safety. Luckily she never nags me about taking out the garbage or cleaning the cat litter and I appreciate that about her. But anything invovling my safety or the safety of the household is met with incessant nagging, almost to a ridiculous extent. She’s a borderline germaphobe if I’m to be totally honest. (And oh boy I can’t wait for her to read this!) I think her entire outlook on Covid is blown out of proportion, but you can tell it’s out of love for us and to keep us safe. I’m more laid back, content to do what I can do but realizing that fighting a virus does involve a bit of luck. After you wash your hands and wear a mask what else can you really do? She considers the virus a mortal enemy in a battle. She will do everything she can to kill it wherever it could possibly be. The kids wear double-masks to school. Each car is stocked with hand sanitizer. Lysol spray is in each room and the entire house is hosed with it whenever someone visits. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been vaccinated; you will wear a mask in the house and the house will get a Lysol bath after you leave!

Obviously I think it’s a bit over the top, but facts are facts: no one in our household has caught Covid since the pandemic began nearly two years ago. Not one of the eight people in the house has caught it. Two small kids and three teenagers in school, two adults working and shopping, and one elderly lady who regularly goes to the doctor. Zero Covid. We’re lucky, but we’re really not lucky with my wife being as zealous as she is. It’s all thanks to her really.

Luckily I don’t have any server side effects from the shot. No headache or fever or any of that bullshit. Just a total and utter lack of will and motivation. Sure, some of this is caused by working nearly double the hours I usually do over the past two weeks, but even with that I can usually drag myself to be somewhat productive on the weekend. After all, cleaning the cat litter and restocking toilet paper isn’t exactly back-breaking or complex labor. A few cups of coffee can get me into motion. Not today. I laid on the couch for three hours today. Not trying to sleep or “relax” or anything, just laying there because I couldn’t do anything. I even went to make toast. I set the toaster on the counter and couldn’t be bothered to plug the damn thing in. Opening the bread bag? Getting butter out of the fridge? No-fucking-thanks. I migrated to the couch; food was way too much effort.

The first (and only) shot left me in a similar state. It only lasted a day so maybe I’ll be back to normal tomorrow. Gosh I hope so. Our van needs new brake pads and that job can’t be postponed. Isn’t it crazy how the brakes always need to be replaced in December?!

As always, who cares about how shitty I feel for a single day when it’s for the greater good. Ya know, lessening the spread of this damn virus that’s been with us for nearly two years. It’s great, I don’t even think about it anymore, this is just the world we live in now. It’s amazing how people can adjust to even the most fucked up situations. And to end: go get your damn vaccine/booster if you haven’t yet.

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