Society Sucks

Dreaming of a Shed

I want to build a shed!

People Suck

Standing Up For Yourself is Pretty Cool

Feeling guilty about being assertive and is this a normal thing?

I Suck Random

Dad’s Wrecked Car Wrecks My Week

Dad’s car’s wrecked, and I’m driving him around.


An ATM Trip (and It Sucked)

Another day where I wanted to write something good and life shits on me. My dad called and asked to borrow $20. Again. He borrowed $20 last week after finally paying me the $200 he owed me with his stimmy check/BidenBux™. I don’t mind borrowing my dad money because he pays me back. It might […]


Battling the Bad Saturday Vibes

Today was terrible and I complain about everything that I can.

People Suck Random

My Sister’s Parents Suck

It’s 8:46 a.m. — about three hours before I naturally wake up — and here I am typing a quick blog post before I start on my “adventure.” It’s not going to be an enjoyable adventure and I didn’t get much sleep dreading the waking up early (a terrible form of anxiety to have) and […]

I Suck

My Parents Suck: Part 2! of ?

This is part of a totally impromptu series about my fucking meltdown and self-discovery process. These are all very uplifting posts as you can imagine. If you want to read more, here’s one about my parents, here’s one about depression, and here are two about therapy! This is also the fourth post in four days […]

I Suck People Suck Society Sucks

My Parents Suck

Parents mess their kids up, sometimes even without realizing they’re doing so.