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Blog Advertising Sucks (Part Two)

My results from running WordAds over the past month or so on my Wordpress blog. It’s not very much money…

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Facebook Advertising Sucks: Feeling Like a Sellout

The struggle between self-promoting and feeling like shit is real.

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Junk Mail Sucks

I got this envelope in the mail today. As you can see it looks really fancy and important, so if you lived life at all you should realize that it’s total junk. It’s pointless and unimportant simply because it looks important. If you’ve ever applied for a credit card or recieved a debit card you […]

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Phone Books Suck? What Are Those??

Say phone book a bunch of times and it really does seem like an unused word from the distant past. This right here is a phone book. You might be too young to know what a phone book is. Along with landline telephones, dial-up internet, cassette players, CD players, CRT TVs, and dinosaurs, phone books […]

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Facebook Advertising Sucks: Avoiding the Echo Chambers

Black Haired Guy gives some pros and cons about Facebook Advertising.