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The PACT Act Sucks

Don’t fuck with my nicotine supply chain!

I’m in a bit of a conundrum here. Peak is coming up (as I say in every post…) and that means a few things: STRESS and NONSTOP WORK. Last year I was pulling an 11 a.m. until 10 p.m. It’s hard to do anything when you’re working those kinds of hours.

STRESS and NONSTOP work means I’ll be vaping a ton. If you personally know a smoker/vaper you know how touchy they can be about their addiction. Nicotine has a notorious short half-life (around 2 hours) meaning the nicotine addict has to dose up regularly. Anything over a few hours becomes really uncomfortable and can lead to all sorts of nasty symptoms. Anger, moodiness, cloudy brain, depression; it isn’t pleasant.

Not to say we need sympathy from anyone — maybe just a little understanding — because we do this to ourselves. No need to point out that quitting will stop us from being withdrawal assholes every few hours. One rule of being a human: you don’t do anything if you don’t want to. If we’re not ready to quit we’re not ready to quit and no pointing out how awful our withdrawal symptoms are for anyone around us will make us stop. If anything we’ll want more nicotine to stop us from being the insufferable assholes that are pissing everyone off!

Anyways, part of my Peak Preparation Plan is to stock up on vape supplies. Coils/pods, juice, and USB chargers. Some insecure people (like myself) even have multiple vapes (I have three!) just in case something happens to one of them.

(Fun fact: I’ve had two vapes break at work and it was not pleasant. The first time my wife went to the vape shot to buy me a replacement. She doesn’t vape so you gotta give her credit for being such a champ. The second busted vape had me beelining 10 miles away from work on a thirty minute lunch to purchase a replacement, luckily this was mostly on a highway so driving 70 mph was totally legal.)

(Fun fact #2: part of my PPP was to install a 100 watt solar panel on my car along with 2 extra car batteries and a 750 watt inverter. USB chargers (mini and USB-C!) are also ready to go. The plan: have a fancy system to charge phones/vapes/Nintendo Switches and to power a small coffee maker. Kinda pointless and over the top, but boyo is it fun!)

Today I sat down to order about $100 worth of supplies. I logged into my Elemental Vape account, bought two boxes of coils and two bottles of juice; that should be enough to last a next month. If I ran low on juice the local stores would work (I could hit them up on the weekend) but coils were the main purchase. Why? They’re cheaper online. I was even able to find a coupon code and knock 10% off the order — about $9 worth!

Element Vape does not ship to my area, which they only decided to tell me after I loaded my cart up and typed in all my information to checkout. Excuse me, what? I just ordered supplies from there two months ago and multiple times before that and…huh?

The PACT Act

The PACT Act. No one ships nicotine products anymore. Huh? I had heard about that many months ago and I thought it was a big nothing-burger. Well apparently it’s now a something-burger. And like that my nicotine supply chain was thrown into disarray.

What is the PACT Act anyways? I don’t really know. A quick Google search says the acronym stands for Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking and was a law passed in 2010. That was over ten years ago so why is it fucking my life up now?

Here’s what the ATF website has to say about that: “On March 27, 2021, Congress amended the Preventing All Cigarette Trafficking (PACT Act) to include new regulations regarding the delivery and sales of electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), which include e-cigarettes, “vapes”, flavored and smokeless tobacco.” Well then.

Also there’s this little fun factoid on the ATF website: “The amended PACT Act statute bans the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) from mailing vapes and other smokeless tobacco products.” WELL THEN…!

I wasn’t too worried when news first broke about PACT. The USPS can ban whatever the hell they want — there’s private shipping companies like FedEx and UPS — and it won’t be a big deal. BUT WAIT! For some reason (and I don’t even want to get into the details because research sucks and I’m in a mood right now) UPS (the company that basically made me a nicotine addict in the first place) and FedEx also said they’d buddy up with the USPS and also not ship vaping products. There’s probably some good reason for this — UPS doesn’t want to mess around with clunky documentation and age verifications for the few people/companies shipping vape products shipping vape products will cut into profits! — but it still sucks. As a private company not directly banned from shipping vape products like the USPS you’d hope they’d keep shipping. After all it’s a stream of business that the USPS can’t compete with.

The USPS finally stopped shipping vape products on October 21, much later than the private companies that stopped mid-2021. It all makes sense now; this is why I could buy vape supplies online a few months ago and explains why they showed up via USPS. And this is why right before the Christmas season I find myself totally fucked in regards to my nicotine addiction.

A Trip to The Local Vape Shop…

I did an online order at our friendly, local vape shop Marco’s Vapor. They’re a great place so if you’re in/around Rockford and need nicotine check them out! One quick complaint though: their online inventory is apparently fucked.

I ordered a bottle of juice and literally two minutes later I get a call from them. “Yeah, we’re actually out of that flavor. Want something else?!” I was understanding and wasn’t too picky about what flavor I got, but what kind of inventory management do these guys have? It’s nerve wracking knowing that what you order online, even if the site says “3 items in stock!,” might not actually exist.

One of my vapes, maybe my favorite vape, is the Novo X. My sister recommended it to me and I purchased one from Element. The problem: Marco’s doesn’t carry pods for the damn thing. They have Novo 2 pods, but no X pods. And since Element told me to go fuck myself I guess my Novo X is going into storage mode. I have one more pod but after that, well…I’ll miss you old sport.

But I have new coils/pods for the Orion and the Prana, so I should be fine. It’s just not fun having to rethink your whole vaping plan in late November. The PACT Act can fuck right off.

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I wonder what jury rigged 2005 database that store has lol. Putting together an inventory system that interfaces with your point of sale system is child’s play in 2021. Maybe I should offer them my very very expensive services

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