20 Fall Questions

I need to be careful with this. My goal, such a tiny and insignificant goal, is to have a blog post here every Friday. An unwritten part of this goal is to not post anything on days that start with anything other than ‘F’. Why? I’ve noticed I’ll post here instead of writing stories or being productive elsewhere. This blog, when I get around to writing, is my way of procrastinating other things. Plus, I’m not very patient. If I get a post written I never want to wait until a certain day to post it. It’s best to keep my writing/posting on a leash. But this whole Friday thing is just to force myself into some routine. If I want, I can add another posting day, but for now I’ll keep to Friday.

But this one is easy! It’s a faux nomination post from ceponatia on his blog Prime Recovery and why not churn out some answer real quick (as I edit this eight hours later…). It should be easy enough. And like he said, you’ve got to love these easy blog posts where you’re not trying to say anything proper, official, deep, or useful.

1. What is your favorite fall drink? I’m a hipster and hate anything ‘traditional’. Sometimes my hatred is justified, but usually I hate tradition just because it’s tradition. I don’t like doing anything without a clear reason for it and drinks being ‘fall drinks’ easily falls into ‘tradition’. Who decided a fall drink is a fall drink anyways? With that being said, I don’t have a favorite fall drink.

Oh wait! Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat! I don’t drink them anymore (plus they’ve been discontinued…) but damn, they’re basically fall in beer form.

2. What’s one thing you love about fall? The cooler weather. I live in the Midwest, an area of the country known for having extreme weather, so autumn weather is much appreciated after the 100+ heat indices of July/August. Humidity can fuck right off.

3. What’s one thing you don’t like about fall? The weather again; it’s a tradeoff. Sure, I like the cooler weather, but after coming from the summer heat everything feels cold! Like in February/March a 40 or 50 degree day feels so goddamn warm. A 40 or 50 degree day in October/November is awful. I need time to adapt to the colder days after sweltering without end in the summer.

4. Are you a pumpkin spice fan? It’s okay I guess?

5. What’s your favorite fall scented candle? Same with drinks: I don’t really have a preference. Candles are cool just because they’re candles. Who doesn’t like fire? Cinnamon is okay, but that might be more of a winter sort of thing.

6. Where do you buy your fall candles? Meijer. I hate Walmart with a passion and refuse to shop there unless I need one or two minor things. I’ll gladly drive ten miles to Meijer because the store is actually good. I’m also about not to go to a special store for candles. Cat food comes from Meijer, Alka-Seltzer comes from Meijer, food comes from Meijer, and any candles also come from Meijer.

7. What’s your go-to fall beauty product? Uhhhhhhhhhhhh…………………………….I recently dyed my hair blonde, but it’s really a burnt-orange that looks similar to how Mars. That’s about the closest thing to a beauty product I’ve purchased in the past half-year and, holy shit, guess what?! It came from Meijer!

8. Your favorite fall accessory? My wife bought me a flannel shirt a few years ago and surprisingly I look good in it. I’m not one for fancy clothing and have zero sense of style, but damn that flannel is nice! So that.

9. What’s your typical fall outfit look like? Same as every other outfit, but with a flannel. Shorts with a flannel looks great by the way. It’s the Midwest, youse guys know how it is!

10. Apple pie or pumpkin pie? Pumpkin I guess?

11. What’s your favorite Halloween/scary movie? I’m not a huge fan of horror films so take this with a grain of salt: The Shining. No monsters, very little gore and murder, but it’s disturbing enough. It’s one of those movies that are vague enough where you can draw your own conclusions. A tale of domestic abuse? Child sexual abuse? Alcoholism? The Native American genocide? No matter what you think the film’s about, it’s unsettling.

12. Do you have a fall tradition? No. But if I could pull something up that might be sort of a tradition, maybe a tradition in the making, it’d be this: the late-fall bike rides/kayaking trips. I’m talking those rare days in November (or maybe even December) where it’s 70 or 80 degrees and you know it’s the last day of the year that will be warm and enjoyable. When the trees are bare, the days are short, but where it’s nice enough to pretend it’s early-fall or even summer. Those are the days that you can really savor because you know it’s all fleeting.

13. What’s your favorite fall food? I don’t have a favorite fall food. I barely have a favorite food in general. Pumpkin seeds are pretty tasty though.

14. What are your plans for Halloween? Prolly sit around the house. We’re still scared of the kids catching COVID so they’re not going trick-or-treating. Maybe I’ll buy a few bags of candy for use to gorge ourselves on.

15. Do you plan on dressing up for Halloween? Sure. Flannel and shorts.

16. What’s one thing you’re grateful for? My mood is currently trash so I have nothing to mention. I’m currently an ungrateful bastard.

17. Halloween or Thanksgiving? Halloween. It’s a hilarious holiday. It’s a joke holiday. There isn’t any grant purpose or point to Halloween, it’s just a bunch kids getting free candy, teens/20-year-olds getting drunk, and old people putting spooky shit up in their yards. With all of the ‘deep’ holidays we have, you gotta love Halloween for being so unashamedly pointless.

18. Favorite Thanksgiving food(s)? Cheesy potatoes are pretty good. Turkey is meh. Green beans suck. Everything is better with Sriracha Sauce: this is law of the universe.

19. Have you ever participated in Friendsgiving? Dafuq is Friendsgiving? Now that I think of it my friend/supervisor has been talking about trying to do a ‘friendsgiving’ at work. Not sure what that actually entails, but keeping with the question, no. But maybe this year?

20. Have you already taken fall photos? Is this a thing? No, no I haven’t.

As for nominating people, lets go with Vee from Millennial Life Crisis, Em from From Famine to Feast, and Amanda Hurych from The Below Average Blog. Feel free to totally ignore this if you like because I feel strange calling people out on here!

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  1. ceponatia Avatar

    Lol well I’m grateful that I’m not the only disgruntled man who filled this out

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