Comcast Sucks: The Worst Company Ever

Today I was going to write a high-minded post. Maybe tips on how to stop drinking. Elaborating on how I have video-making “writers block” or whatever you’d call it. Or a post on why I don’t want to go full-time at UPS. So maybe these aren’t amazing mind blowing posts, but they’re better than this one.

I have my laptop open and ready to go but I’m writing this on my phone. Why? Our internet is down. Why? Fuck if I know. Everything is plugged in correctly, the modem and router’s LEDs are all lit up, except for the ‘internet’ light on the router. Why? I don’t know, but I’m blaming this on Comcast.

Fuck Comcast.

There are few no companies I hate more than Comcast and I’m going to put all my hatred of the company into this post. Say it again with me, fuck Comcast.

First off, cable TV should be dead by now. It’s not a viable business plan. I haven’t watched TV in years, literal years, and I couldn’t be happier. There’s YouTube and streaming services and almost anything you want or need to watch can be found there. Local news? Internet. You don’t need to watch the news. The same is true with weather, just look that shit up. My local news stations even have video clips online if you must watch them. Local news is probably a bad example because you could get a fucking antenna and watch it for free anyways. But the rest of the 300 channels I pay for every month? I watch none of them.

TV is also insulting when you realize they still have commercials everywhere. Like the stations don’t realize that cable is basically dead and still try to cram ads down your throat. That’s a great idea and people will totally be fine with that and not migrate to streaming services. Sarcasm obviously.

We only have cable because my mother in law loves to binge watch MSNBC. I think she also watches shitty Hallmark movies but from what I’ve heard the TV is always on MSNBC. That’s seriously the only reason we still have cable; she loves the news. We’re paying to watch like four channels at most.

She’s also the reason we use Comcast for our land line phone. Yes. Land line. In case you don’t know, these are phones that are wired to your house just like was standard in 1992. She has a cell phone, but has some fear that people who need to contact her at the house number won’t be able to if we get rid of it. Nevermind transferring the number. Nevermind telling people your new number. Let’s just keep the landline. I’m not really bitching about her but bitching about how Comcast is somehow relying on shit like this to stay in business. Like their entire business model is preying on people who are set in their ways and won’t change anytime soon.

More bitching about Comcast: bundles.

Hang on. Our internet is back on. Let me migrate from my phone to an actual computer and keyboard. Fucking Comcast internet, fucking piece of shit!

Ah, that’s better. But where the hell was I? Fucking Comcast breaking my concentration and shit. Oh yeah, bundles! We only need Comcast for internet really, at least that’s the primary reason. As I’ve said, the phone and cable can fuck right off (if my MIL didn’t love them so much), but we need internet. Internet is basically like electricity and gas now, it’s a utility. But when you call and ask Comcast for internet, they do some voodoo shit on you. “Ah, yes sir, we can get you internet. In fact we can get you the Comcast Triple Play with Xfinity™ XD Bullshit for only $79.99 for the first twelve months! Only for you sir! You see internet by itself is like $60 per month, so for $19.99 more you can get cable and TV!”

“Okay, whatever.” And then you forget about it. You got your phone, internet, and cable all for cheap as shit and are saving money. Then the ‘introductory period’ is passed and your bill skyrockets up to $170 per month: only a 112% increase, totally not a big deal. They even raise the price slowly over a few months so you don’t get spooked. $20 here and there and that’s not too bad until it settles near $200. It’s some shady shit.

My point is Comcast bundles this shit to make it harder for you to leave. It’s bullshit too. Let’s say we did want to cancel our landline phone; then we’d probably be in the Comcast Double Play Xfinity™ XD plan and it’d probably still cost like $150 for some reason. It’s almost not worth the effort to try, and that’s coming from someone who is super fucking cheap and loves saving money.

Let’s also acknowledge how stupid Xfinity™ sounds. Xfinity™. It’s like they tried to create a fancy sounding word, the -finity in Xfinity coming from the amazing word and concept infinity and plopping an X at the front because X is by far the most unique letter of the alphabet — but damn does it sound stupid. It reminds me of when Verizon purchased Yahoo and renamed the company Oath. Seriously. Oath.

And let’s talk about when you do try to lower your bill. Some people have success in calling Comcast threatening to cancel their service and can sometimes get back into the introductory plan. But this takes effort and talking on the phone and I haven’t had luck with it. I usually try to be nice — “Times are tough and is there any way I can lower my bill?” — but they call my shit each time. They know I’m a passive little bitch who doesn’t like confrontation, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they troll through my internet history (like what I’m writing now) to know my weaknesses. (Maybe that’s a bit over-the-top paranoid, but it’s Comcast: you never know!) We went to slower internet last year and I shaved off like $20. Sure, money saved, but it doesn’t feel as successful as locking in that $79.99 for another year.

Another fun fact: you can upgrade your plan on their website — it’s really easy! — but you cannot downgrade it. Anytime you want to downgrade you have to call Comcast’s customer service. Because they know most people don’t want to fuck around with calling them and talking to someone on the other side of the world. Of course Comcast has outsourced all customer service to foreign countries — it makes sense business-wise — but sometimes it’s pretty fuck hard to understand what they’re saying. I’m not hating on people that have difficulty speaking English here, but you know Comcast is aware this makes calling customer service slightly more of a pain-in-the-ass than it already is.

I’d say my biggest gripe about Comcast is how they lord over their customers and business. They act like you don’t have any other choice, and if you do find a better deal you can fuck right off, they don’t actually care about their customers or keeping them, only tossing out introductory deals at the very last moment before someone leaves. They’re abusive as fuck. Introductory prices, bundles, all of this shit to gaslight you into thinking you’re getting a good deal and then they fuck you. Hard. In the ass. You could probably find a few videos about Comcast in the BDSM section of Pornhub. And if you don’t like being violently sodomized you can find another provider except there is no other ISP in the area! Oh, poor customers, we’re sorry but we’re going to have to raise your bill another $20 because reasons.


I signed up for SpaceX’s Starlink internet service a few months ago. Service isn’t offered in our area yet but the email stated “mid-2021.” I happily paid the $100 deposit and will happily pay the $500 for the antenna when service is available. Hell, I’ll happily pay the $100 per month for the service too. Why? Because it’s SpaceX. They’re innovating. They’re doing some crazy shit in rocketry. They land rockets! They’re literally trying to get humans to Mars! This is some cool shit and I’d love to dump money into them rather than Comcast because Comcast is such a shitty company. What’s Comcast’s lofty goals? Fleece their customers as much as they can for as long as they can before they wise up and jump ship. Like my personal economics don’t even matter here — I’ll take the more expensive internet option just because Fuck Comcast. I seriously fantasize about the day when I get Starlink internet and can call Comcast and tell them to go fuck themselves. Sure we’ll have to figure out what to do about cable and phone — maybe Comshit can get us a cheaper deal on those two — but even this will be a victory.

From the seething hatred in the bottom of my blackened and dead heart and soul, with all the rage and latent anger that has slowly built up over the years:


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19 responses to “Comcast Sucks: The Worst Company Ever”

  1. Mark S. Avatar
    Mark S.

    I agree. Several years ago I moved and can no longer get Xfinity service. They let me keep my email. Today when I went to sign on, Xfinity says they think that maybe possibly someone might have tried to hack me. So they decide I must change my password. The problem is that they DON’T give me a way to change or reset it. I guess they won’t do it unless I can link my email to any active account. I wouldn’t do that to someone because I’m sure Comcast would then screw up their account. No one there could explain WHY they require a reset but offer no way to do it. Contacting all my email contacts and switching to gmail. I will NEVER be a Comcast customer again.


  2. Auditory Avatar

    Commiecast’s automated, voice activated system is intentionally conceived to frustrate users in an effort to get customers to give up and go away. Its diabolically designed. This should provide an insight on how evil the company is. Don’t get mad, get even. Each time Comcast fu*ks you over, return the favor.

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    1. TheBlackhairedGuy Avatar

      I’d love to get even with them, but individually we’re all pretty powerless which sucks. The most we can do is cancel their service, and for most that’s probably not even an option. I’d LOVE to pull off some Office Space-esque scam against them and totally ruin them, but that’s not going to happen.


      1. Auditory Avatar

        I appreciate your frustration but please be aware that Commiecast doesn’t have to worry about defeating someone who has already been self-defeated. That’s the type of submissive customer Comcast desires most.

        Never give an unscrupulous company such as Comcast the satisfaction of making you feel helpless. I have a rule for dealing with corporations such as Comcast. The rule goes like this: “If you’re going to screw me like a whore, you’re going to pay me. I’ve lost count of how many courtesy or service credits I’ve received from Comcast by vigorously complaining about a Comcast service or a Comcast support representative. Sometimes I have received a month or more of free service. The restitution I’ve received isn’t always perfectly equitable to the rip-off that Comcast has foisted upon me but it helps. Giving Comcast their just desert will also make you feel better.


  3. CONFEY Avatar


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  4. Mike Avatar

    I just got off the phone with Comcast because every time I pause live TV for a few mins or just rewind it a little ways, then play, after a few minutes it just kicks to my previous channel with an error message, making me lose everything I was catching up on.

    How did that call go? After some “troubleshooting” by the foreigner on the other end, my remote no longer works, and I need to shlup my ass to one of their stores to get a new “upgraded” remote. I don’t have a license and about a $30 Uber ride each way to the nearest store. I have no faith the problem will even be fixed. Fuck you, Comcast.

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    1. TheBlackhairedGuy Avatar

      Our internet has been acting up and I’m pretty sure we need an actual technician to check the lines to the house. I called and can’t even talk to a person. The automated system keeps kicking me around until it tries to do a reboot of the system. Doesn’t work and who even knows.


  5. wil Avatar

    You’re watching TV all of a sudden it freezes on you then the message pops up please check your internet connection blah blah blah unplug your equipment and reset it why can’t Comcast tell the truth something like this we can’t connect to the internet right now because our equipment sucks and our technology sucks we apologize for the inconvenience we called you guys all the time please disconnect the box and reconnect the box because our equipment sucks so bad if this does not work please by all means go ahead and scream at our Representatives because our again service sucks as well

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    1. TheBlackhairedGuy Avatar

      I can’t even get through the computerized phone section to get an actual repair guy to the house. All part of their plan really.


  6. Lorien Altadonna Avatar
    Lorien Altadonna

    I am unlucky enough to live in a new house where the builders decided to go with Xfinity. After 6 months of frequent calls, complaints, multiple surveys, orders, etc – still no internet. I don’t live in the country. At some point a tech came and buried a line from the power pole on my property to my house. Did not install a box; it is reported that a line has been buried and coming to my property, but a tech today can’t find it. I’m screwed at this point, like you I am waiting for Starlink. Have never had such a bad experience with a company before.

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    1. TheBlackhairedGuy Avatar

      It’s been awhile since I wrote this so some of my hope for Starlink has waned. It seems to be taking forever to get any service offered but it has to be a better experience than Comcast. Right?!


  7.  Avatar

    you guys suck ,no signal ,on power outage

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  8. The Sarge Avatar
    The Sarge

    On behalf of the autistic gamer community, I Sergeant LawWonder want to take a piece of the con artist’s corporation. Comcast are the ultimate griefers and they must be punished by law.


  9. Xavier Jones Avatar
    Xavier Jones

    I did date an agent back in 2009. I killed her! With kindness. Nah, one of those statements is wrong, can’t remember. Nah, She still threatens to cut off service so was probably happy dream! Disclaimer…don’t kill comcast employees, kill the company by turning it into a dust field. No income means no company. Sorry for the false sense of accomplishment.


  10. Richard Prior Avatar
    Richard Prior

    The continued — as in over the years — frustration of dealing with comcast is incredible. They would have been kicked to the curb years ago if there had been any realistic, affordable, competent competition.


  11.  Avatar

    About two years back, I moved to a new area, and comcast/xfinity was the only option. I will not capitalize their name, they are of no significance


  12. Bob buckley Avatar
    Bob buckley

    The site is so true


  13. JB Avatar

    I just spoke to Comcast. I demanded a refund for the time I’d wasted trying to get an easy question answered. The Customer Loyalty person started with an offer of $10. I refused and said I wanted a month’s compensation. She incrementally increased the offer to $80. I’ve refused every offer, and am awaiting a call-back from her supervisor demanding a month’s credit. At the worst, I’ll get an $80 refund. Comcast sucks!


  14.  Avatar

    I worked for these assholes for 23 years. I was hurt on the job in 2009 and they treated me like a leppore. Fuck Comcast they are a shit company!


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