Things to be Thankful For

This is a different post from the sort of stuff I usually write: I basically want to thank people for supporting me. I already fired off a few sappy social media posts doing the same thing, but I really don’t think the social media sites give much overlap and support for the blog itself. Most of my readers seems to come from the WordPress community so it would be kinda shitty to thank everyone else but them. Consider it a love-letter of sorts.

Firstly, my Amazon royalty payment this month were a WHOPPINGLY MASSIVE $0.66! Woo! While this is useless pocket change compared with what established and successful writers rake in (I assume), I’m trying to view this in a positive way; people actually read my stuff and I’m getting paid for it. Many of these readers are from Europe and India, and while this isn’t that surprising in 2019 I’m still amazed that people on the literal other side of the planet have read the dribble that I’ve written on this shitty laptop. When you sit down and think about it it’s pretty damn amazing and surreal. This was also the third month I’ve earned pocket change as payment, and is also the most I’ve made thus far. Thanks to any and all people who have read my books on Amazon through the Kindle Whatever Program. (I always forget what it’s called.)

In November this blog also had the most viewers ever. The previous highest month had been like August or September and viewers have basically plateaued since; this was discouraging in a way. But something happened in November where I was able to actually write consistently and post consistently. Despite some writer’s block mid-month, late month I found myself writing all sorts of random stuff. And apparently my posts weren’t total shit too? I know in my self-esteem post I stressed (because the book I was reading stressed it…) that you need to own your talents as well as your flaws so I guess this is me trying to “own” the success of the blog in the past month. I mean it makes sense: I wrote the damn posts, and it’s my blog, so who else would I want to pat on the back besides myself?

Well, the readers obviously. Duh. I feel like I can’t give myself 100% credit because of what I had written here: I have no idea how to write a purposefully good post. The stuff I pour hours and hours into has minimal response while posts that I rattle off about mundane and pointless stuff (to me at least) get the most views, likes, and positive feedback. Basically I write stuff and post it and hope and pray that something about it clicks with people. I have no idea what I’m actually doing where each blog post feels like a random shot in the darkness where I hope to hit something. I guess I’m saying the record monthly viewers in November had nothing to do with me being deliberate or calculating and I feel like I was just lucky. Like everything worked out perfectly in November. To sum it up: good job Jeremy for writing/posting and for also being extremely lucky to have people read and enjoy what you’ve randomly written in November!

After all of that rambling, I want to basically thank any and everyone who has read my stuff. I don’t think anything I do is that good so it’s mind blowing to have readers. It doesn’t make sense. It’s surprising. It’s humbling. No one has to check my stuff out, but they do for some reason. And an even bigger thanks to my handful of regular readers: you guys know who you are! As negative as I am and as much as I bitch and as much as this blog is about things that suck, you guys are awesome. Thanks for sticking around and I hope you all continue to stick around until, well, whenever I burn out on writing or something.






3 responses to “Things to be Thankful For”


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  2. ceponatia Avatar

    Consistency is the key, I’ve found. You are a good writer; I’m in the same boat whereas I don’t ever feel like I’m any good at anything but I’ve come to believe that I’m at least a better writer than most Americans (not a high bar). People like reading the random thoughts of strangers for some reason, I think that’s why those posts do better than pointed ones.

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    1. TheBlackhairedGuy Avatar

      Being consistent also means you should improve as well. At the very least it means you shouldn’t become worse over time. As for being a better writer than the average American? I know how to properly use a comma , and it isn’t like that. Whenever I see a space and them a comma part of me dies. Just one thing that makes me immensely angry.

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