People Suck: A General Introduction

Part of the Blogging Struggle is figuring out what sort of categories I want (or will end up having) on here. It’s an organic thing and categories happen outside of your direct and conscious control. I had ideas for categories, but didn’t know which ones would actually grow outside of a few simple posts. It is a requirement too; you don’t want to have no categories and a fucking mess of a website. And since Everything Sucks, you have to be able to organize the “Everything” somewhat. So I need categories. It is just that I don’t know what categories I will end up with.

One sure category is that of people. People Suck. Think about your average day and what ends up making it either a good or bad day. Most likely it is people that decide your day, either other people or perhaps even yourself. Sure your car might break down, and that does happens, but it happens rarely. Much more frequently a person will piss you off on the way to work, or at work, or on Facebook, or whatever, and totally derail your day. It could also be your shitty mood that ruins your day. People ruining your day and life seems to be much more of a source of frustration than the weather or mechanical failures so “People Suck” will most certainly end up being a large category here on Everything Sucks.

People Suck because there are so many of them. We are very unique with no two people being exactly the same. Even identical twins probably end up having different likes and interests in life. Everyone has different goals, aspirations, and hobbies. Everyone has different personalities. All of these differences naturally conflict with others and as you are aware there is enough conflict to go around for everyone. We’re also very emotional creatures and are terrible at logical thought and reason. Without getting too in depth as to why People actually Suck (because you could write an entire book on it), just know that we do, and there will be a bunch of posts on it someday in the (near) future.





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