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Selling Tshirts Suck (Part Two)

If you look up in the menu you will see a new item you can select: it says STORE. Guess what it fucking does? It links to a stupid teespring webpage where you can buy a single design of this blog’s logo.

I’ve tried this t-shirt selling deal awhile ago and you can read about that adventure here (this blog’s banner was simply me taking that post’s banner and MS Painting a “Part Two” over it). I don’t even remember what my sister and I were trying to do really, but if I recall correctly it was trying to sell “locally themed” t-shirts via Facebook advertisements to gullible people that live in Rockford, Illinois. Not that everyone would be gullible if they actually bought any shirts; it’s just that I think anyone buying any product, art, or anything I have to do with as gullible because I lack self-esteem to think that I actually offer anything of quality to the world. But let’s not get too deep here.

The fact is I’ve seen a few other intrepid, motivated, and entrepreneurialistic bloggers selling their own products and had the natural thought of, “Well, why can’t I do that too?!” The truth is I probably don’t have enough of a following to sell fucking merchandise but there is also the fact that there is zero downside to offering the shit anyways. I don’t need to pay anything. I’m not living of the earnings I hope to make. If someone buys a shirt, cool, and if not, who cares?

I thought it would be easy to take my sister and I’s old teespring account and revamp it to an Everything Sucks store and while I was sort of correct I was also sort of wrong. As with anything there are many difficulties you didn’t realize you’d run into. I had to edit the storefront name. I had to make and upload a new banner. I had to resize the stupid thing to make teespring happy. Then I had to make a shirt. How hard was it to just take the logo and plop it up on a shirt? Apparently hard enough that it took me a literal hour to figure it out. You see, I do all my “graphic design” on MS fucking Paint and an app on my Android phone called “Phonto“: I do not fuck with Photoshop at all. Basically I found myself shipping files from phone to computer and vice versa trying to figure out how to make a transparent background so the shirts would be available in multiple colors and wouldn’t look totally stupid. It was way more work than I thought it would be. But it’s done.

So that’s about it. December once again had record viewers (over 600 this time!) so that’s always nice. If you want to check out some merch, feel free to do so. I think I’ll plop a “The 2020s Will Suck” shirt up tomorrow or something, maybe that will sell because you know it’s going to be true. Perhaps the ultra-pessimist might find the design speaks to them? One nice thing about a blog called Everything Sucks is that I can make any shirt that says “[TOPIC] Sucks” and it’ll fit right in. So if you have a certain shirt you want, let me know and I can plop one up right after I reteach myself transparent backgrounds again.

Selling T-Shirts Sucks (and Update 2.0)

This blog was started with an actual idea and a central theme: Everything Sucks. I started a shitty personal blog a few years ago just to get into blogging without any idea of what to do with it and as you can guess it was a fucking mess.

After a near meltdown a few months ago I decided to work on this blog in a dedicated manner: Everything Sucks 2.0 if you will. If you check the posts I’ve been tossing up one, two, or even three posts a week and I’ve been keeping the tempo for awhile. I feel proud of myself because I’m finally doing what I believe is the key to success: hard work and practice. Even if I don’t think the post is perfect I won’t let that stop me. It’s all about progress and success. The fun fact is I don’t know what “successful” means in the case of blogging.

I guess I’d like followers or people to read the site because duh, but besides that? I don’t really know. Let’s say I had 10,000 people who read this blog. Then what? I have no idea. Sitting back and being comfortable sounds silly as there’s always something that can be done. I still don’t know the answer to this because there’s never been a “plan”, but I’ve always thought it’d be cool to sell shirts. That’s right. T-shirts. Not as a get-rich-quick scheme or some overarching plot to make a brand for myself, but just because shirts. It’d be cool to know that others have a shirt that says “Everything Sucks” on it. It’d make me laugh. It sounds really trivial and stupid but why not?!

I finally sat my ass down and created a shirt after dreading the impending failure for a few weeks. I set a price of $15 per shirt and a goal of 20 shirts. I shared it on Facebook and and purchased myself a shirt because that’d be cool. I checked it today. Guess how many shirts I’ve sold? One. And that to myself!

Well fuck. This reaffirms what I believe success and goals are: it’s throwing yourself at something over and over until something works and weathering failure after failure. Things never work on the first, second, third, or even the 75th try; they only work when you blindly toss yourself at something over and over again you find that magical formula. I never really expected to sell any shirts the first time but once you finally decide on a course of action you get your hopes up a bit. Failure Sucks but it isn’t game-breaking although it sure doesn’t feel good.

I shouldn’t be so hard on myself though because I got off my ass and tried it. No one can fault you for that. I did think of making a t-shirt “business” on Facebook to spam ads targeted locally. Maybe shirts that are themed off my hometown? Hell, I might be able to sell tons of t-shirts that way. This initial experiment might be the beginning of something new.

If you want to buy a shirt, feel free to click right here. I’m pretty proud of them and they’re available in like 5 or so colors (but not grey 😡 ). But if not it’s no big deal because I wasn’t expecting to sell any in the first place. Selling T-shirts Sucks.