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Happy Birthday: Random Birthday Thoughts

June 22. I am now 36 years old. Yuck, that’s a fucked up thought, isn’t it? I used to consider anyone above 40 old and with that number getting closer I’ve revised my estimate upwards. I now think anyone above 50 is old, hell maybe even 55 or 60, and I see myself in about […]

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Thirty-Five Sucks

Today is my thirty-fifth birthday and I hate it.


An ATM Trip (and It Sucked)

Another day where I wanted to write something good and life shits on me. My dad called and asked to borrow $20. Again. He borrowed $20 last week after finally paying me the $200 he owed me with his stimmy check/BidenBux™. I don’t mind borrowing my dad money because he pays me back. It might […]

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The Decade Challenge Sucks

People post pictures that make them look old. And they make me feel old.

I Suck Society Sucks

Birthdays Suck: Part Two

More (actual) reasons why birthdays are a total downer.