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COVID Strikes Back or My Family is Stupid

I talked to my dad two days ago. He called and told me all about his boring and uneventful day (which he does daily) but also tossed in some more pertinent information: one whole side of the family has finally caught COVID.

I tossed in the “finally caught” part myself, because it does seem like something that’s inevitable. It’s right up there with the expansion of the sun and the heat death of the universe. Inevitable, boud to happen, part of the regular physical processes that make up the universe. Along with another possible law of the universe that states, “Fuck around and find out,” which applies in their case. They fucked around for over a year and now they’ve found out.

I might’ve mentioned my cousin a few times in passing on this blog. A few years older than me and with an entire list of questionable life choices behind her. While I’m paralyzed by total inaction she’s characterized by simply making bad/stupid/questionable choices. Dating a convicted arsonist/child molester. MLM ‘business owner’. Has three kids she can’t support. Had her kids taken away from the ‘child molester’ thingy her boyfriend did. Possibly unemployed but I don’t keep in contact enough to know. She’s also the one who went to the local BLM protests and Facebooked a video of her yelling at the protesters. The one who bragged last year about going shopping without a mask. Oh, you fucking patriot you, sticking up for your freedoms while all of us cowards wear masks! Needless to say she hasn’t gotten the vaccine and once again displaying my ignorance (thankfully) on why exactly she doesn’t want to get the vaccine. I’ll mention it one more time: Fuck around and find out…

Not to drag this out anymore than needs to be, she caught COVID. Duh. My dad seemed kinda shocked about the news but I don’t see why anyone would ever be surprised. That’s literally what happens when you don’t wear a mask and aren’t vaccinated.

I’m not upset by that because she’s an adult and can make all the uninformed, ill-fated decisions she wants to make, and I’m also not sure who ‘patient zero’ is in our family, but that branch of the family, her side of the family, apparently all caught COVID. Her mom, her dad, her kids, her POS boyfriend (good), and our fucking grandma. More on that later.

Her parents are possibly anti-vaxxers/pro-Trumpers and they’re adults and can once again make their stupid choices freely as they wish. Once again I don’t know how deep the crazy goes on that side of the family. They’re a prime reason I ditched Facebook. I don’t like loosing faith in people, let alone people that I didn’t think were batshit insane. I’m only aware they haven’t gotten the vaccine for reasons.

Her kids I feel pretty fucking bad for though. They’re something like 13, 17, and 18 although I’m not so sure about their exact ages. I’m pretty sure they haven’t had the vaccine because why would they? They’re still young enough to be under their parents/grandparents influence and not just in a legal way; when all you’re around is crazy bullshit why would you ever realize it’s crazy bullshit? This is what’s really sad. These kids, out on their own for five or ten years in the future, might turn into decent, non-idiotic adults who would get vaccinated and wear masks during a pandemic. You know, take something like COVID seriously. But they’re not there yet. They’re stuck with (probably) the same twisted worldview as their parents and don’t know any better. Hell, they might carry these views on into late adulthood for all I know, but I’m saying, currently, they don’t have a chance. Them catching COVID (like all three of them did) is not due to any deeply held beliefs they conjured up on their own, they caught it because the people they’ve grown up around don’t give a shit and put them into an environment where catching COVID is all but guaranteed. They’re almost free, almost able to make their own decisions, but as of now they’re along for their parents/grandparents ride. And that means catching COVID.

And grandma. Grandma will be ninety in October. Grandma’s health is shit. She falls like once every two or three months and needs to be taken to the hospital. She’s been smoking since the 1940s. She’s diabetic. I think she has high blood pressure. She’s the definition of “at risk” regarding COVID. Worse, she hasn’t had the vaccine. I think it’s partly due to her health and partly to do with her crazy kids possibly being anti-COVID-vaxx, but I don’t know. And according to my dad, she has COVID. Makes sense really. She never leaves the house but my cousin’s side of the family visits her all the time. No masks, no vaccine, no fucks given. Other people fuck around, you find out.

I’m really not sure how grandma can have COVID and not die honestly. If she doesn’t something like a miracle would have to happen. My overactive mind is already covering that possibility thoroughly. And how I’ll feel if that crazy side of the family kills my grandma with COVID? I’m not sure how I’ll deal with that fact. The inevitable justification of “Well, she was old and her health wasn’t good. She was probably going to die soon anyways,” will be fun to deal with, but I’m assuming I’ll feel even more upset when everyone poaches her home, property, and belongings in the inevitable post-death cash grab war.

The icing on the cake of ‘the universe really doesn’t make sense and has a twisted sense of humor’ is that my uncle, the crazy second-amendment, ex-postal worker type who lives with my grandma has somehow not gotten COVID. Not sure how that worked out, but that’s what’s going on. Makes perfect sense really.

So here we are in July August of 2021 well over a year since all of this shit began. Delta is kicking the fuck out of the US, especially the southern states. We’ve had a vaccine, and we almost had this shit beaten a few months ago with mask-wearing and social distancing, but here we are once again. Fuck around and find out, amirite?

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