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  • The art of procrastination

    An except from “My Typical Sunday Morning”…a tale from Jerm.

  • Boredom Sucks (July 2021 Edition)

    Boredom Sucks (July 2021 Edition)

    I’m currently sitting in the yard. Like the yard itself not on the porch looking at the yard. And I mean I’m sitting in the yard as well, not on a lawn chair or bench or anything. Actually all of that is a lie. I’m not sitting in the yard: I’m lounging in the yard.…

  • Stray Cats Suck

    Stray Cats Suck

    Anytime I walk outside I’m greeted by a clan of cats. I never know how many cats are actually around — sometimes I see like two or three, other times ten or more — but they’re all over the damn place. We have so many stray cats lurking around our house that I can’t even…

  • Enlightenment Sucks (Part 1 of ?)

    Enlightenment Sucks (Part 1 of ?)

    At peace with the world when someone spectacularly ruins it. And trying to be a good person.