I Suck Random

Arting Sucks

How do you start making artwork?


The Sunday Movie Party

Borat 2, The Proposal, and Eraserhead

People Suck Society Sucks

Facebook Still Sucks, but Instagram is Strangely Satisfying

Note: Appreciate the amount of links I have in this mess of a post. It was a ton of work. Oh, and the struggle to italicize company names. I don’t know whether I should bitch about Facebook or praise Instagram, so I’ll probably do both. One social media perspective isn’t complete without another contrasting perspective. […]

Society Sucks

The “Woman Yelling at Cat” Meme Sucks

A case study of meme overuse and eventual death

I Suck Society Sucks

Writing Kinda Sucks

“…I’ve always considered writing the most hateful kind of work.” Hunter S. Thompson I think when we pick up any new hobby or interest we only see the positives. We see the glory of it — the big picture of it all. As a painter you imagine relaxing at home and just creating beautiful artwork. […]