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My Uncle Has Lost It

Just fighting my uncle over my grandma’s will…

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Voting on UPS Stock Sucks

Voting on company stuff is pointless.


Why Authorities Are Worried About Cryptocurrencies

Written by Maxens Destiné and Eric Chehata Some became slightly richer, some “went big” and became millionaires, some became faintly poorer and others became homeless. There are many success and failure stories surrounding cryptocurrencies and their use by different people, but we often forget that cryptocurrencies can do more than change our monetary status. Indeed, […]

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A Farewell…For Now

Hey everyone, how y’all doing? I’ve been okay – struggling with motivation – but what’s new? I wanted to write this post just so people didn’t think I dropped dead or something. I’m fine. No binge drinking, no impromptu depression and/or suicidal thoughts, no current life crisis to deal with. Not that anyone is probably […]

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Shsitpost Tuesday: A Warm, February Day

Rambling about our doom on a warm day in February.

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An Uninspired Friday ‘Update’

More ramblings about alcoholism, basically.

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Shitpost Tuesday: Taxes are FUN

A lengthy rant about taxes.


Life Lessons from Elon Musk

A few life lessons from Elon Muskyboi.

Shitpost Tuesday

Shitpost Tuesday: Chloroform

Shitpost Tuesday where I force myself to write whatever in an attempt to stop thinking so much about qUaLiTy. Today’s post is about choloform! What should I write about today? How about chloroform? I made some two weeks ago. That sounds like a fun topic. My therapist gave me some questioning looks when I mentioned I was going […]

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Canceling Amazon Prime!

I canceled Amazon Prime and here’s why!