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  • Gas Prices Suck

    I had a realization today: I haven’t written anything about gas prices metaphorically going to the moon much like Bitcoin did not. On this blog where I have deep and analytical dives such as Comcast Sucks: The Worst Company Ever and Amazon’s Wheel of Time Sucks, how have I not mentioned a damn thing about…

  • A Good Vacation (Finally)

    I’m on vacation this week and I’m actually enjoying it. What changed? Don’t I despise my vacations? What is so damn different about this week than the other pile of weeks over the past 15 years that I’ve hated so much? I think there’s a bunch of reasons for this and it’s not down to…

  • My Shitty Setup (Sucks)

    My Shitty Setup (Sucks)

    Hello everyone! I don’t know what I’m doing here – I surely don’t have some repository of inspiration I’ve tapped into but – but let’s try it anyways. This is sort of a continuation of this post. The post where I casually mentioned my temper and how I had broken my old-ass, ancient, and shitty…

  • Dreaming of a Shed

    I want to build a shed!

  • Geometry for Ocelots: A Review

    Geometry for Ocelots: A Review

    I recently took a risk on a book purchase as an ‘experiment’ on the properties of let’s call them trans-artist; can people make good art outside of what they’re known for? The actor turned singer. The musician turned actress, the music of a painter, and so on. In this case, a YouTuber turned author. Are…

  • Life: A Series of Problems

    When everything goes wrong all at once.

  • Arting Sucks

    Arting Sucks

    How do you start making artwork?

  • My Uncle Has Lost It

    Just fighting my uncle over my grandma’s will…

  • Voting on UPS Stock Sucks

    Voting on UPS Stock Sucks

    Voting on company stuff is pointless.

  • Why Authorities Are Worried About Cryptocurrencies

    Written by Maxens Destiné and Eric Chehata Some became slightly richer, some “went big” and became millionaires, some became faintly poorer and others became homeless. There are many success and failure stories surrounding cryptocurrencies and their use by different people, but we often forget that cryptocurrencies can do more than change our monetary status. Indeed,…

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