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Adolf Hitler and Vacation

Oh hi, hello! It’s been about forever since I’ve written. Let’s change it with another “get back on the horse” post. But I’ll try to keep it somewhat on topic. I was on vacation last week, and had about the worst fucking monday possible this week. Why? How? I assumed I’d be in the best […]

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Happy Birthday: Random Birthday Thoughts

June 22. I am now 36 years old. Yuck, that’s a fucked up thought, isn’t it? I used to consider anyone above 40 old and with that number getting closer I’ve revised my estimate upwards. I now think anyone above 50 is old, hell maybe even 55 or 60, and I see myself in about […]

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Shitpost Tuesday: Chloroform

Shitpost Tuesday where I force myself to write whatever in an attempt to stop thinking so much about qUaLiTy. Today’s post is about choloform! What should I write about today? How about chloroform? I made some two weeks ago. That sounds like a fun topic. My therapist gave me some questioning looks when I mentioned I was going […]