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A Farewell…For Now

Hey everyone, how y’all doing? I’ve been okay – struggling with motivation – but what’s new? I wanted to write this post just so people didn’t think I dropped dead or something. I’m fine. No binge drinking, no impromptu depression and/or suicidal thoughts, no current life crisis to deal with. Not that anyone is probably […]

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Shsitpost Tuesday: A Warm, February Day

Rambling about our doom on a warm day in February.

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Shitpost Tuesday: Taxes are FUN

A lengthy rant about taxes.

Shitpost Tuesday

Shitpost Tuesday: Chloroform

Shitpost Tuesday where I force myself to write whatever in an attempt to stop thinking so much about qUaLiTy. Today’s post is about choloform! What should I write about today? How about chloroform? I made some two weeks ago. That sounds like a fun topic. My therapist gave me some questioning looks when I mentioned I was going […]

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Shitpost Tuesday: Singing Sucks

Singing, even when no one is around, is fucking terrible.

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Shitpost Tuesday: The Good Vibe People

Stress from a promotion and keeping the vibes positive at work