Streak Day #18 Sucks (and a celebration of viewers)

This is going to be the laziest post I’ve ever written, which is saying something since most of my posts over the past few weeks have been lazy. I’m not even going to bother making a banner image for it. Who cares?

The past few days with the blog have been…interesting I guess. Usually I’ve been raking in about 25 views per day, and if you remember my goal of 1,000 monthly views you’ll realize that I’ll come up short for March. No big deal. I’d be happy with a record monthly viewer count even if it is short of 1,000. Work in progress and all. This also makes the possibility of having record daily and weekly viewers as well. Once again, not a goal I’m chasing after, but I still do obsessively check my viewer numbers every few hours.

What happened, and I don’t really know what exactly happened, was Thursday. I was sitting nicely around 15 or 20 views by midday — a typical day really — while the week overall was slightly below average. I checked the views a few hours later and somehow had an extra 30 damn views and was up around 50! What? This didn’t make any sense. I didn’t write some masterpiece or market the hell out of anything, but it seems viewers came out of nowhere. Despite not knowing why, I was happy about it. Somehow Thursday ended with a whopping 64 views, about 20 more than my last best day. Friday also raked in 54 and I somehow had a record week even as of yesterday. The past best week in terms of viewers was 210 and I’m at 233 currently. There’s still two hours left but as you can tell I’m greatly slacking with the post today. 235 is a huge improvement over 210 and I’ll take it.

So what the hell happened on Thursday?

So that’s the reason for this totally low effort post today. I’ve gotten my best day, best week, and I’m on track for my best month in terms of viewers even if it does come short to the magical 1,000 goal. I don’t want to do any work today and am content to just kinda sit here and reflect and pat myself on the back. As always, I have no idea what I did differently the past few days, but whatever. Thanks for the views guys!





2 responses to “Streak Day #18 Sucks (and a celebration of viewers)”

  1. ceponatia Avatar

    Consistency is honestly the most important piece of the puzzle, with interaction a close second. I did a 30 day streak about 6 months ago and I’ve never come close to those numbers since. I’m kind of “over” blogging but I like the people I’ve met here so I still post pretty low-effort rants and comment on other people’s stuff but IDK if I’ll ever go back to long, topical essays.

    Keep it up! Even if you don’t hit 1,000 this month you’re on your way. You’re still higher than you’ve been.

    I’ve also noticed those random weird days where I suddenly get 200 views out of the blue. I don’t know if this is a glitch or someone genuinely visited the home page of my blog 150 times. It’s increased since I bought a pro plan and got a domain so it might actually just be random viewers who decided they didn’t actually want to read one of my posts. Lol

    That actually is worse than it being a glitch.

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    1. TheBlackhairedGuy Avatar

      One problem I’ve noticed is that with all this posting I haven’t had time or motivation to actually interact with people and I feel terrible for it. Like you do good in one area and totally drop the ball in another area. Thanks for the support too by the way!


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