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I Finally Caught COVID!

How my week with COVID went…

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Happy Birthday: Random Birthday Thoughts

June 22. I am now 36 years old. Yuck, that’s a fucked up thought, isn’t it? I used to consider anyone above 40 old and with that number getting closer I’ve revised my estimate upwards. I now think anyone above 50 is old, hell maybe even 55 or 60, and I see myself in about […]

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Gas Prices Suck

I had a realization today: I haven’t written anything about gas prices metaphorically going to the moon much like Bitcoin did not. On this blog where I have deep and analytical dives such as Comcast Sucks: The Worst Company Ever and Amazon’s Wheel of Time Sucks, how have I not mentioned a damn thing about […]

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A Good Vacation (Finally)

I’m on vacation this week and I’m actually enjoying it. What changed? Don’t I despise my vacations? What is so damn different about this week than the other pile of weeks over the past 15 years that I’ve hated so much? I think there’s a bunch of reasons for this and it’s not down to […]

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My Shitty Setup (Sucks)

Hello everyone! I don’t know what I’m doing here – I surely don’t have some repository of inspiration I’ve tapped into but – but let’s try it anyways. This is sort of a continuation of this post. The post where I casually mentioned my temper and how I had broken my old-ass, ancient, and shitty […]

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Dreaming of a Shed

I want to build a shed!


Geometry for Ocelots: A Review

I recently took a risk on a book purchase as an ‘experiment’ on the properties of let’s call them trans-artist; can people make good art outside of what they’re known for? The actor turned singer. The musician turned actress, the music of a painter, and so on. In this case, a YouTuber turned author. Are […]

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Life: A Series of Problems

When everything goes wrong all at once.

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Arting Sucks

How do you start making artwork?

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My Uncle Has Lost It

Just fighting my uncle over my grandma’s will…