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Shsitpost Tuesday: A Warm, February Day

Rambling about our doom on a warm day in February.

Shitpost Tuesday where I force myself to write whatever in an attempt to stop thinking so much about qUaLiTyToday’s post? Just read the title I guess…

It’s February 20th and I’m sitting outside. It’s windy but the wind is the reason it’s a wonderful balmy 11C outside – that’s 51.8 F for you plebeians out there – very non-February-like weather, especially for us Northern Illinoisans.

As always, 50s in February (or January) feels way different than 50s in October do. It’s that whole acclimatization thing. We do adapt and after suffering through subzero temps (in the Fahrenheit mindset) anything above freezing feels wonderful. Discounting the wind which can be a pain in the ass someday.

(Note: this is a stock Midwesterner phrase right up there with sayings like ‘ope!,’ ‘yeah, no,’ and ‘no, yeah!’ The phrase I’m talking about goes something like this. “Boy, it would be really nice day if it weren’t for the wind!” to which someone could reply, “No, yeah, you’re right. It’s chilly out!”)

I’m sitting outside on a few large wooden boards we have laying around. They’re from a trellis we took down a few years ago and still haven’t erected yet. So it goes around this house. They do make good chairs despite them being at an awkward 30 degree angle, like those “anti-homeless people” buildings you see in urban areas mostly on Reddit actually. But it works. 50 degrees makes anything outside feel comfortable.

It’s days like today, when I’m comfortably outside in the fucking winter, just chilling and writing, that conversely makes me realize we won’t do shit about climate change. People like warm weather and if the entire winter was in the 30s and 40s I wouldn’t complain one bit. Why? Because I’m selfish. Because the cold sucks. Nevermind that it’s supposed to be cold here, nevermind that our entire ecosystem is built on it being cold; as long as I’m warm and comfy it’s fine. While attributing one single warm winter day to climate change is fallacy, there is that little logical part in my brain that is streaming (albeit in a very muffled scream) “This is not normal! Why are you enjoying this so much?” Because it’s fucking nice out bud, that’s why.

It’s that whole interplay between being a member of a relatively wise species that has science and all of that cool stuff and being a selfish individualistic animal. And this me I’m talking about here, someone who considers himself a promoter/fan of science and despises unscientific bastards that seem to be crossing from fridge maniacs into society as a whole, and even I have a hard time seeing these warm days as something bad and a threat to the ecosystem as a whole and not as, well, warm and pleasant.

Or worse, what about those people skeptical of climate change, that might go, “Climate change? Ha! What’s so bad about it getting warmer out!?” Hell, in 30 years when the economy becomes so unstable, when food crops become rarer and the price of food goes up, and when there’s mass migrations of people into more fertile areas (like the Midwest is projected to become) there will be no connection or dissonance between the beliefs of “It’s warmer out and I like it!” And “I can’t buy food for my family and all these foreigners are taking our jerbs!”

On this pleasant February day I guess all I’m trying to say is that we are fucked. There isn’t any hope for us to actually lower our carbon output, let alone begin removing carbon from the atmosphere. We’re too comfy as a species. We’re too clueless. None of us, without immense effort, can see the big picture past our tiny little slice of the world and our comfort. Hey, it’s all okay though. At least it’s warm out and I can enjoy it.

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I'm a guy. And I have black hair. Well not really because it is slowly turning grey. I suppose TheNotquiteBlackhairedGuy doesn't have quite the same ring to it, does it? I write the blog as well as dabble in some freelance writing.

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